About the Artist

Angela Diplock

At the time when I completed my A-level in Art whilst at Highworth Grammar School in Kent I was undoubtedly interested in pursuing a career in the art world, perhaps in something along the lines of illustration or graphic design I thought.  I had a good eye for detail and form and knew that I would do well whatever I did but whilst looking through university prospectus’ I was increasingly drawn to going down the route of ‘something more practical’ – this of course at the time meant a ‘sensible’ career that would pay well so that I wouldn’t have to worry too much about money in the future.  I looked at Colour Chemistry but in the end opted for Civil Engineering as my odd mix of Art, Chemistry and Maths at A-level actually seemed to be quite appropriate. 

Naturally the role took over my life and brought me down the route of where I am today 19 years later, currently living in Ilkley near Leeds where I was a student and working as a Senior Engineer in an Engineering consultancy in York.  I’ve gained a great deal of experience in railway bridge design and assessment along the way as well as the part I most enjoyed and probably excelled at, technical drawing.

I’d wanted to and had tried to motivate myself to start up drawing again on many occasions but nothing seemed to take.  I didn’t think any of my sketches were good enough and I had no imagination or inspiration.  It was only when a friend of mine decided that she needed to re-immerse herself in her own Art career that I decided to attend her first ever life drawing sessions and thankfully, managed to find that spark again.

The sessions were really well thought out and the models were fantastically dynamic, a trait that many life models I now realise seem to forget unfortunately.  The poses (although they may not look it) were interesting and difficult at times and so I felt challenged again.  It felt like re-learning my skills all over again but this time I had purpose rather than just doing what I was asked of at school.

I found that coloured pencils became a basic but natural tool for tone and shading and it appears that this is currently my medium of preference, having opted for charcoal or oils above all else in the past.  Please enjoy these works and feel free to send me any queries or comments using the Contact page or my e-mail address.

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